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Zittara Assault Rifle


The Zittara is the Indian name for the Micro Tavor Rifle (MTAR-21). It is an extremely compact weapon designed specifically for the special forces or also for the military personnel.

The MTAR is another member of the Tavor Family which has several other variants such as the GTAR, STAR, CTAR.

It is a 5.56 mm assault rifle which can also be converted to a 9mm sub-machine gun(SMG). It can be loaded with 20, 25 and 32 round. It can be loaded with 20, 25 and 32 round magazines. It has a selective fire system where selection between semi and full automatic modes is possible.

Its rate of fire is 750-900 rounds per minute and has an accuracy up to range of 300m. It can also be integrated with Laser and IR sights, holographic sights. The Indian version can also incorporate grenade launchers(Turkish made).

It has a Bull pup configuration making the weapon only 59 cms long and 3 Kgs in weight. It has a day & night continuous fighting capability.

Its accuracy is very high due to the advanced ergonomic design.

It is developed by the Israel Military Industries(IMI).

In 2002, India signed a deal of $17.7 million for delivery of 3070 Tavor rifles.5500 of these have been recently inducted in the Indian Army and more are being ordered. The Indian Navy’s elite commando are also preparing to bring this rifle in use along with the CRPF which has placed an order for 12000 micro Tavor rifles.

The Zittara has a modified single-piece stock and new sights, as well as Turkish-made MKEK T-40 40 mm under-barrel grenade launchers. This feature has been included for the Indian Tavors only.

The Zittara is an ideal assault rifle for close quarter battle. Due to its comfortable shooting and high hit probability, it is a premium weapon for the military as well as the special forces.

With these new Tavors being inducted in the operational service successfully, India may also look at the 9mm version of MTAR-21.

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